Leave Management
Made Easy Fast Productive
for Slack.

No more manual data entries in spreadsheets, A fast, easy and assistive leave management solution for slack.

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Gather Request with on-demand forms

Trigger the form in the chat

Create on-demand and one-time forms for your team

Get Superpowers to approve/reject leaves

Swiftly approve or reject leaves within a few clicks.

Just click the Approve or Reject button and you are done. It's just that easy.

Hassle-free Leave Summary

Real-time notifications to keep everyone updated

LeaveBalance announces leaves in a Slack channel, making it easier to be notified and letting no leave requests be missed.

Keep everyone’s work-life balance in sync

Boost employee morale and build a happy team

Leaves and vacations prevent stress and burnout and LeaveBalance is made to help users apply and take leave without hassle.

Your Questions Answered

What is Leave Balance?

Leave Balance is a slack app for leave management. Leave Balance allows your company employees to apply for leave and get approved without leaving the comfort of messaging app they use in their day to day life.

Can I see my leave balance within the slack app?

Yes, Once the Leave Balance is setup on your workspace by workspace admin, you will see Leave Balance listed under teh app. In the Home tab of this app, you will be able to see the summary of your leave balance.

Can I configure this Leave Balance app bot without coding skills?

Absolutely, It is extremely simple to install and use Leave Balance. As a workspace admin you add this app to your workspace following link in this page. Within few clicks you will have this app available on your slack workspace and your employees will be able to instantly apply for leave.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Leave Balance stores all your personal data in encrypted format.

Add Leave Balance to your Slack workspace, setup in 30 seconds and get started for free.

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